Jim Hood

COST: $1 billion, Kemper County Power Plant

Tate Reeves passed a bill that allowed Mississippi Power to pass along $1 billion in costs to ratepayers—that’s about $5,300 per ratepayer.

Mississippi Power gave Reeves $86,300 in campaign contributions.

COST: $1 billion, Entergy

Tate Reeves put an amendment in a bill that allowed Entergy to dismiss a $1 billion lawsuit brought against them for overcharging ratepayers.

Entergy gave Reeves $94,700 in campaign contributions.

COST: $5 billion, failure to accept federal funding to expand health care

Tate Reeves refused to accept $1 billion per year to provide health care coverage to working Mississippians.

Five rural hospitals closed, 300,000 working Mississippians eligible for coverage, 800 lives lost.

COST: $75 million+, tuition increases on families of college students

Tate Reeves cut universities’ FY2020 appropriations by $47.9 million (-11.3%) below the FY2016 level.

Average university tuition increased 43% since Reeves took office in 2012.

(At USM, tuition is up nearly 50%, or $2,790 since 2012.)

COST: $240 million, administrative costs paid to managed care companies

Tate Reeves allowed the three managed care companies to ineffectively manage our Medicaid program, costing the state $1 billion in administrative costs since 2011.

Managed care company Centene gave Tate $261,250 in campaign contributions.

(Tate killed a provision in a bill the House passed that would have given Mississippi hospitals a portion of Medicaid contracts and curtailed Centene’s profits.)



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