Jim Hood


Mississippi needs to get back to swinging hammers and building bridges – that’s how we grow our economy and build stronger communities. As your governor I will:

  • Stop the Legislature from running up our debt
  • Create high-paying jobs
  • Put money in Mississippian’s hands, not out-of-state corporations
  • Support our main street merchants
  • Put working people back to work by building highways and bridges
  • Support workforce development programs


Education is the building block to success. Investing in Mississippi’s public education system means investing in every Mississippian. As your governor I will:

  • Advocate for a statewide, universal pre-kindergarten program
  • Focus on making community colleges and universities more affordable
  • Improve our public-school system


Jim Hood for Affordable and Accessible Healthcare

Jesus said to take care of the widows, orphans, the elderly, and the least among us. When it comes to health care, Mississippi has not followed His word. As your governor I will:

  • Work to make health care affordable for everyone
  • Fight for those who can’t fight for themselves
  • Support law enforcement in the fight against the opioid epidemic
  • Accept federal dollars to help our struggling rural hospitals
  • Focus on improving rural access to health care


A Record of Accomplishments

Elected as Attorney General in 2003, Jim Hood has an unrivaled record of success:

  • Passionate champion of children. General Hood has worked tirelessly to prevent children from being abused and exploited, especially by internet predators. His efforts have served as a model for other states.
  • Dedicated public servant. General Hood has served the people for 25 years as an assistant attorney general, district attorney, and attorney general.
  • Friend of consumers. After Hurricane Katrina, General Hood worked to strengthen laws to protect consumers, while prosecuting offenders for home repair fraud, price gouging, identity theft, and financial scams.
  • Watchdog over corporate wrong-doers. General Hood’s commitment to holding corporations accountable has recovered more than $3 billion for taxpayers.
  • Guardian of the Gulf Coast. General Hood worked to provide relief to coastal residents and business owners after the 2010 Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill.

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"Working together, Let's build
a better Mississippi for everyone"

-Attorney General Jim Hood